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Presbyterian Women (PW) is an organisation within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Our group in Drogheda is part of the 500 PW groups throughout Ireland with a total membership of 14,000 women.

Presbyterian Women is to be a Christ-centred organisation. In the logo, the circle around the cross represents women whose lives are centred on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The motto is living for Jesus and our mission statement and aims are:

To encourage women to become disciples of Christ by highlighting the need for:


    • Love and unity


    • Obedience to God


    • Christian living and spiritual maturity


    • Service using gifts, time and money.


  • Local and global mission.




Meetings open to all women
For information contact Sandra Woodside 041 9802860 , Ann Lockwood 085 1623215

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Join Us

Sunday Service: 10:30 AM.
Communion: first Sunday of every month.
Creche, Sunday School and Bible Class: every Sunday while the sermon is taking place during Sunday Service.
Kids' Club: for those in 1st-6th class. Every Tuesday during school term from 6.30-8pm.
Youth Group: Friday 7:30-9.30 PM at the church.
Choir Practice: Friday 7:30 - 9.00 PM at the church.