The Kambui (Kenya) Mission



Click here for part of an email from Erickson Mugo, Kambui, 10th March 2014




As a Church we currently have a mission team operating in Kambui in Kenya. Kambui is located in the rural and about an hour’s drive from Nairobi. What informed our choice of Kambui? There are a couple of reasons why as a Church we are committed to this mission.


1. Around 90 years Scottish missionaries brought the Gospel to this part of Africa and established a Presbyterian church in Kambui. From that church many other churches grew in the whole region. The original missionaries were buried in the mission compound beside the present church. Located within the same premises is a primary and secondary school, as well as a school for the deaf and a clinic. The Kambui parish includes 5 congregation namely; Gakoe, Mitahato, Nyaga, Ngewa and Kambui. So it can be said that the first reason is historical.


2. The ladies of the PCEA, Kambui Parish Women’s Guild became aware of disabled children in their parish who could not get to school because of their disability. They decided to help by caring for the children in a 60 year old women building, where the children could stay and attend school. The 5 churches in the parish, supply the food required and a small allowance for the 2 full time house mothers. Parents of the children cannot afford to contribute. The second reason could be attributed to identified areas of deep needs where we as a church could help make life better for these children.


3. Wanjiru who happens to be a member of our church grew up in the Kambui parish and as an occupational therapist was aware of the children’s struggles. She suggested that the Drogheda congregation might like to establish fellowship links with the Christians in Kambui and provide some assistance towards the children’s need. We agreed! The opportunity to be of help as it presents itself is enough reason as a church to send a mission to Kambui.



The story so far:
Through the financial assistance from the Drogheda Presbyterian church, the mission in Kambui has been able to provide the following:

  • The first stage of the dormitory to house up to 32 children.
  • Medical treatment and reconstructive surgery for the children, including prosthetic limbs at the Kikuyu hospital.
  • Transport to and from the hospital
  • Salary to train and maintain Janet as a trainee therapist.
  • Honorarium for the housekeepers.
  • Playground equipment; swings, climbing frames etc.
  • Orthopaedic equipment for ongoing therapy.
  • Repair of old wooden building which had leaking roofs.
  • Christmas presents.
  • Small gifts to the Scripture Union in the local secondary schools.
  • During the visit of  the first Drogheda mission team in 2007, a 3 room wooden house was built for a needy local family and the inside of the dormitory was painted. Another 3 room building has been provided in 2008.
  • Improvements at the primary school including, levelling of rough ground and surfacing of a path, ramps to classrooms, plastering walls of classrooms and provision of toilets suitable for disabled children.

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